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The State of Michigan established the Assigned Claims Plan in 1973 to provide financial help to people injured in an uninsured motor vehicle accident, who have no insurance coverage of their own.

Effective January 1, 2013 management of the Plan, under authority of the No-Fault Insurance Law (MCL 500.3171) will be administered by the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility.

Who is eligible?

Applications for personal injury protection benefits may be made by a person because of accidental bodily injury arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle. Applications for benefits may also be made if the injured person was a driver or passenger of a motorcycle, if the accident involved an uninsured motor vehicle (not another motorcycle).


Reasonable charges for medical care, recovery and rehabilitation in accordance with the Michigan No-Fault Statute.

How to file a claim

Fraud Warning – A person who presents or causes to be presented an oral or written statement, including computer-generated information, as part of or in support of a claim to the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan maintained by the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility for payment or any other benefit knowing that the statement contains false information concerning a fact or thing material to the claim commits a fraudulent insurance act under MCL.500.4503 that is subject to the penalties imposed under MCL.500.4511. A claim that contains or is supported by a fraudulent insurance act as described in this subsection is ineligible for payment or benefits under the Assigned Claims Plan.

  1. Complete the application online by Clicking Here.  
  2. Once you complete the online application, Print and sign the application.  Note: In order to determine eligibility, we must have a complete and signed application. Incomplete applications will be returned for completion and the claim will not be processed until a complete application is received.
  3. Upload the complete and signed application with copies of the proof of loss. An example of proof of loss may be but is not limited to a police report or an EMS report. Applications submitted without proper proof of loss documentation will not be processed.

NOTE: The application must be completed, signed and received no later than one (1) year from the date of accident. Incomplete or illegible applications will be returned and the claim will not be processed.

If you are not able to complete the online form, please Click Here  to contact us to have an application mailed to you.

Filing a claim online for the first time? Click “Get Started Now” after Clicking Here To Access the Online Form.

Additional information can be obtained at the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility website at or by calling or writing to:

Michigan Assigned Claims Plan
P.O. Box 532318
Livonia, MI 48153

Telephone: 734-464-8111

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