Ava Care  Attendant Care Service Defined


iStock_000016570521_SmallHands On – when tactile assistance to touch the claimant in any way to accomplish a task

Stand By – being present in claimant’s immediate environment able to be summoned for assistance, encouraging autonomy, independence, and reassurance of caregiver’s presence

Supervised – when major concern for claimant is safety, primarily observation to minimize effects of unpredictable behavior usually related to TBI such as forgetfulness, impulsiveness, sudden sleep episodes, spasms, seizure activity and or other involuntary movements

Independent – claimant is able to execute tasks; no need of assistance from a caregiver Dressing or undressing – assisting claimant with buttons, belts, slacks, shirt/blouse, undergarments, tie, skirt, socks, shoes, coat, hat, gloves, pajamas etc…

Fetching & Lifting – at the request of claimant picking up/carrying items such as a cell phone, food, slippers, kleenex, remote control, clothing, writing utensils, cup, book/magazine, a pillow etc…

Showering or Bathing – assisting claimant with the application of soap and water on a wash cloth or sponge and washing and rinsing claimant’s body (while sitting on a shower bench/chair, sitting in the bathtub, standing in the shower, or while lying in bed)

Ambulating/Transferring – assisting claimant to walk or transfer safely using the proper body mechanics/gait belt with or without an assistive device

Continence/Hygiene/Toileting – if claimant is continent and ambulatory assisting claimant to toilet/bedpan maintaining dignity and changing briefs if claimant is unable to ambulate or is incontinent; keeping claimant’s skin clean, dry and moisturized to maintain skin integrity

Keeping Clutter-Free Walk Area Preventing Trip-Hazard – making sure there are no objects in claimant’s pathway to prevent any further injury

Care Acknowledgement – must be signed by at least 1 person that has participated in the provision or scheduling of care rendered

Claimant signature – must be signed by the recipient of the care rendered (claimant), guardian or representative of the claimant


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Sample Weekly Care Log:

AVA simple daily attendant notes sample

NOTE: The AVA Care Service log is only intended to provide reasonable proof of services rendered and is not intended to provide a comprehensive or exhaustive delineation of all service provided. Start/End time is designed to reflect the number of hours coverage was provided within a 24-hour period. We rely on the claimant for input regarding nature and level of care rendered as well as ongoing service needed. Additionally we randomly visit Care Sites to observe caregiver activity and service being rendered to ensure compliant behavior.

Rev. 10/2015 ADM/mm