Assisting Case Managers and Case Management Companies

Is your client in need of services that you don’t offer? Are you concerned about protecting your business and your clients for predatory parties? Are you looking for an entity that you can rely on to give you’re the support you need and the service that your clients deserve? AVA Care is here to assist you as a Case Manager.

We employ over 200 direct caregivers who have been trained on the the importance of quality care and professionalism. When you need direct care services and you want to remain “vulture-free” call Ava. We understand what it takes to get clients and keep them. We do our part to protect you and your client. During our many years in business, we have found that good, quality direct care providers are not always easy to find. So you can be comforted knowing our providers will make you look good. We automatically provide random non-scheduled site visits to ensure compliance with your plan of care as well to keep all of our care givers “on their toes”.

Ava Care & Case Management has become known as the problem-solving go-to company. We are always available to offer advice and direction to our Partners-in-Care. Which means better outcomes for all of those we serve. We acknowledge success comes with its challenges, and to that end we are here to help you navigate the hurdles of this dynamic arena of Rehabilitative Case Management.

AVA Care can also provide Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) support and help determine goals for rehabilitation, disability status, return to work status and more.

AVA Care has a custom program to support case managers and not compete with them. We have the quality resources and collateral to provide quality care to all of your patents. To find out more please complete the form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-3300-AVA(282)

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