Personal Accident Recovery and Injury Protection in AVA Care


The desire to regain full recovery and normalcy is a decision and recovery can look different for each person, but it is still accomplishment. At AVA Care & Case Management we believe our job is to inspire and motivate the injured person to achieve full recovery in the shortest amount of time possible. As we understand the heart-cry of a person who longs for the return of their privacy and independence. We are here to help you through the recovery process after an injury caused by an auto accident.


Think about the joys of independence. Do you remember the days when you did what you want, when you wanted, without any limitation or obstacle? We believe the joy of personal freedom is worth the pain, commitment, and dedication to the hard work of rehabilitation. To that end, this area of our website is devoted to recognition and acknowledgement of the success stories of those who have overcome the odds, faced the challenges of recovery and who are now making a difference in the lives of all who hear their stories.


May you be personally moved and motivated to pay the high price of endurance, as the light of recovery shines through your tunnel of rehabilitation. Remember as you work towards the light, at the end of the tunnel, the ocean-breeze of success awaits its moment to blow through your hair, as you walk the beaches of health and wholeness once again.