REALITY: Public Access Helps everyone

For the safety and welfare of the general public in the State of Michigan, whenever an accident occurs on a public or private street, and a police, ambulance, or fire department dispatch is made, the issue becomes public information. This information is used by municipal, state, and even insurance company officials to aggregate statistical data, demographics, rates, resource allocation, and other issues that impact the general public welfare.


Many overly aggressive profiteers solicit you and your loved ones through a series of investigative searches beginning with the Police Report, Incident Report, or EMS Run Sheet. They TARGET certain accidents due to the high potential of being able to reap great rewards. They typically have little or no concern about the well-being of the families whose lives have been devastated by the accident. We have heard from clients that they were receiving up to 20 phone calls per week from unknown parties and even many well-known law firm representatives soliciting them for a signed agreement of representation. Even individuals posing as insurance company representatives purporting a willingness to just “pay all of the bills”. Make the decision to never become a victim again.

This bombardment of phone calls and inquiries into the sensitive nature of your accident can expose you and your loved ones to unnecessary risk and possible harm. We have received reports from current clients of experiences where strangers have even come unannounced to their bedside while they were still in the hospital.
This issue is a tragedy that is costing many families serious exposure and risk…only because they have not secured the services of any agency willing to run pass-interference on their behalf.

THE SOLUTION: AVA Care & Case Management

Each client of AVA Care & Case Management has the peace of knowing that when phone calls come… and they will… you can direct all inquiries to your assigned Case Manager.
Whew! What a relief. You can now be at peace knowing our competent, experienced, and well-trained staff will screen all inquiries to ensure the proper HIPAA privacy and protocol procedures are followed under all circumstances. We actually care about you and your safety. Let us weed out “the bad guys” while you and your loved ones focus on recovery. That’s another example of the “AVA Care Difference”.